Frequently asked questions answered about the Aikaa Systroniks

  1. I already own an Aikaa product; can I get a discount to upgrade to your latest technology?

    Yes. We offer discounts to current Aikaa users who wish to transfer their home to the present technologies. However, the discount percentage will depend upon the product you have and the product you wish to have.

  2. Can I install your application on any of the android systems such as tablets/phones?

    Yes. Our applications are compatible with any android systems, but preferably a system that has dual-core processor for hassle-free operations. The android version must be Gingerbread (Android 2.3) or above.

  3. How much does it cost?

    Each project provides a personalized answer to the user needs, and therefore the final cost can change according to very different parameters: safety provisions, project goals, furnishing requirements, etc.

  4. What is the difference with traditional home automation solutions provided by others?

    While traditional installations are rigid and need you to change the entire wiring layout, we provide solutions that do not require you to change any of your conventional wirings and also goes right behind your switchboard

  5. Are special masonry works needed to install your system?

    Absolutely not. SBI (Switch-Board-Intergrated) device allows you to fix the home automation control unit right behind your switch-board thus reducing such damage to your home. Also mounting and maintenance costs are reduced.

  6. In which step of the construction works should your system be arranged?

    Having a wide variety of products, we provide solutions to even constructed houses without causing any changes to the aesthetic settings. However it is important to include home automation system as soon as possible, both in case of construction and refurbishing works.

  7. Is home automation only for households?

    Absolutely not. Our products are perfect for public administrations, hotels, malls, offices and even luxury yachts. Our solutions are the ideal answer for spaces that are very complex to manage and have high requirements in terms of energy saving, safety and centralized management.

  8. What happens in case of power cut?

    The unit is set to always start when power is applied. So if you lose power, the unit will automatically start when your power comes back on. The control software is set to automatically restore your lights to their correct state. 

  9. What happens in case of failure?

    In case of failure of any of our product, the system will be either partially or totally blocked. In fact, should the special functions fail, the system can be managed in a traditional mode with the switches provided on board or connected to the single parts. Within 24hrs of reporting the error, our support team will arrange a temporary/permanent replacement of the product.

  10. I have a medium-sized apartment in a block of flats, can I install an Aikaa system?

    Of course. The possibility to benefit from home automation does not depend on the size of the house. There are a lot of prejudices about modern electrical systems, and according to one of them home automation only works for villas and luxury homes. But this is not true. The advantages of home automation are within everybody's reach.