About us

Aikaa Systroniks develops and manufactures a complete suite of integrated solutions that has defined the 
modern age of home and commercial automation. Aikaa's Switch-Board-Integrated home automation modules are such invisible systems that have revolutionized the integration needs of today's most advanced environments. Through ongoing innovation, Aikaa continues to define the future of control and automation for residential and commercial applications. 


We believe that the steady growth of a company can only be established by continuous innovation of highest quality products and services with unprecedented features at an affordable price backed by an excellent monitoring service and a friendly staff of experts.

With our vision to enable everyone to truly sense the world with our "off-the-shelf" products and services we design technologies that are green and energy efficient, in hopes of helping the world stay green and our people stay healthy.

Management systems are in place to provide a structured environment that facilitates incremental and measurable progress toward perfection. With continuous patented innovations to create technological advancements, quality  product and processes, and first-rate customer service, Aikaa has emerged as a leading provider of intelligent  control, automation, security systems and audio/video systems.